Wednesday, April 30, 2008


(Part Two of my "Favorites" series )

I'm not a big amusement park person. I'm not enough of an adrenaline junkie for the rides, in fact, I'm a downright wimp. I'm no good at the games, and don't really want a cheap stuffed animal anyways. And you can only eat so much junk food off paper plates.

But I love the spectacle. The lights, the crowds, the tents, the rides, so much to watch. (so much to photograph)

This particular photograph, of the twirling tea-cups ride is from the Barnstable County Fair. Barnstable County is Cape Cod, Massachusetts, where I grew up. And every summer, sometime in late July or August, there's a great big carnival.

The fair's a mix of elements. This, obviously, is from the Midway: bright lights, rigged games and fast rides, families with kids during the sunny afternoons, crowds of teens and young adults at night. But, off to the side, not nearly as crowded are still big barn-like buildings with 4H club displays, and quilt competitions and vegetable competitions.

I don't live there any more, and have missed some recently, but growing up we went for an afternoon every year to wander around, have an Italian Sausage (my personal favorite fair-food) and enjoy the show -- primary colors, bright lights and madly spinning teacups.


BabyLyons said...

Love the memories that stirs up :)

Retro Grandma said...

Great Blog you have!

Beat Black said...

the tea cups always remind me of Disney :)