Saturday, November 29, 2008

A quick post for a holiday weekend, with finals coming up soon (eek!)

Here in Massachusetts, it's getting cold, and Thanksgiving marks the end of fall for me (it's not officially winter until the Solstice in December, but in New England, that never really worked for me) so, I'm trying to psyche myself up for how beautiful winter can be(and avoid thinking about digging my car out of the snowdrift to get to work)

So, here's a picture from a snow storm a couple of years ago...

light and blue shadows on snow, tree truncksSnow


Thursday, November 20, 2008

A sad conclusion: There are more artistic photographs of onions, on flickr, than books. By a long shot.

I'm a bookworm, so I decided to go book-hunting on flickr, which is when I learned that although flickr has many many photos tagged with "book" and even a 5000-item group pool - the vast majority fall into two categories: "the cover of my favorite/newest/would-take-it-to-exile-on-a-desert-island books" or "look at my huge/crazy/messy/just-organized bookshelf" which are interesting as far as they go (I love book recommendations, have shelves of my own that could use a brilliant organizational idea and even picked up a tip I might use for displaying favorite books), they're not exactly compelling pieces of photographic art.

After much digging (well, clicking and scrolling...) I found some examples worth the hunt.

"White Books" by Vicki's_Pics

No 16. by _cassia's_

Home Memories by Mamluke

Holiday Shopping?

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Monday, November 17, 2008

I started playing with onion skins this weekend...

abstract photograph yellow onion skinsPurchase Abstract 4 (above) fromParallax


... So this week, I started browsing flickr, to see if anyone else was taking photographs of their ingredients.

In the search, I saw lots of lunches -- french onion soup was popular -- and discovered there's a whole group dedicated to drawing faces on onions, and finally found other photographs of onions (slices of red onions are surprisingly popular).

A golden-lit macro from E_journeys'

And possibly my favorite, from lesbru

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


And going all the way to the other end of the spectrum, this week I've been hunting for photos in black. (Look close, these are subtle)

First, a photo I adore, from a fellow etsy seller, Truis

Little Grey Kitty

And technology old and new on flickr

Long Time Silent from Fabio Fusco

Y We Do What We Do from DownTown Pictures

And one of my own personal favorites:

macro photograph vintage camera, black
Old School from Parallax

Purchase "Old School" from Parallax


Saturday, November 8, 2008

Working with White

I'm drawn, in my photography, to intense saturated colors and high contrast, so exploring all white photographs is something different, but I found some beauties.

This one is from Still Life, a simple architectural composition in classic lines and arches


Stairs, originally uploaded by still. life..

And here's a still life of my own, a study in white with eggs ...

white still life of eggs in bowl

And a more modern image of a sail and all of its lines from Jerret Taylor


Purchase "Study in White" (middle) from Parallax


Saturday, November 1, 2008

Now that's a good flower pic! (Flickr Fave's)

Prickly, originally uploaded by PhantomWard.

The letter of the day is F -- A Flickr Favorite of a Flower...

Flickr is full of pictures of pretty flowers, groups and groups full in fact. But, pretty as flowers are, the pic's start to look a little boring and a lot familiar after a page or two.

Unless, that is, your flower pic. is cool lime green and fuchsia close up with great detail. This one is definitely not boring!