Monday, April 28, 2008


Well, still deciding what to make of my inconclusive poll, but I have decided it at least gives me an agenda for my next couple of blog postings.

I already told you about the first one, Footprints a few days ago, so tonight, the reflections series.

I went to Mt. Holyoke College, in western Massachusetts. It's a beautiful campus full of old brick buildings with ivy on the walls, green lawns with old trees and Adirondack chairs, all arranged around a pair of small "lakes". All three of these images were taken there.

I still live in the area, and it's equally beautiful. It's a river valley (The Connecticut) full of low hills. The communities up and down the river are a mix of small de-industrialized communities trying to figure out a new plan, charming bohemian college towns and still-rural areas with small farms and orchards. I love the mix.

abstract orange blue fall leaves water reflectionReflection 2

I'm a native New Englander, and even though I question my sanity sometime around February when it's been cold and snowing for months, it's home. And, Fall is worth it. If you're bracing for a New England winter, going out with a blaze of beautiful color seems like a good way to do it. There's something wonderfully defiant about it.

I'm fascinated by light and reflections on water. But I love this series because of the way they capture the colors of fall, bright orange against blue sky, the first yellows and golds blending with summer greens.


BabyLyons said...

gorgeous photos! beautiful colors :)

Robotosaurus! said...

I really, really love these photographs! <3

Parallax Photo said...

thank you both!

SPIV said...

ur photos r enchanting!