Friday, April 25, 2008

Sometimes it's the journey...

With the return of spring, I'm re-learning to love my commute, which is down back roads along and over the Connecticut River.

I stopped after work, at a conservation area along the river, the high river bank topped with a narrow worn path. It's quickly becoming a favorite spot.

Former girl scout, I was prepared with my camera in my tote bag.

Last time I stopped, a week or two ago, the river looked almost stately. Pewter grey, broad, flooded with melting winter snow, with surprising little whirlpools dimpling the edges.

Today, a hazy Friday at the end of a week of coming-summer weather that's been tempting students at the college where I work onto every spare spot of lawn, it's languid. Sliding lazily along the channel. All of the colors of the river and surrounding mountains, hazy, but the trees are starting to turn leafy green.

Despite the threat of grass stains on my just-pulled-out-of-winter-storage-new skirt, it's still worth it to sit watch the river, and listen to the birds and buzzing insects.

I spent an hour or so, happily walking, taking pictures, sitting and enjoying the afternoon. As a photographer, I'm fascinated by the play of light on water. It was a lovely way to start the weekend.

But, observant reader, you might have noticed a distinct lack of pictures in this post, about stopping to take pictures, on a blog with "photography" in the url.

I was going to show you, I really was. I had the post all planned out in my head as I drove home.

But, I got back to my computer and uploaded my pictures (almost burning dinner in the process) and found...


No, the camera hadn't malfunctioned. The pictures just weren't any good. Sometimes, a beautiful thing, and a beautiful photograph aren't the same thing.

I'm disappointed. But philosophical, at least I had a beautiful afternoon.


BabyLyons said...

Don't you hate that? I hate missed moments. :) But at least you were able to look on the bright side of things!

Dancing Monkey Jewelry said...

That's a shame. My last photo safari turned out disappointing results. However, I got to take time out of my day to just walk and enjoy being out in nature - if the roses were in bloom I would have stopped to smell them. :) Another bonus, my dog got quality time off the leash as we were somewhere safe for him to do so.

So, while my photos were disappointing - my mind was calm, my dog was happy and my husband took me out for dinner that night. ;)