Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Gold Stars

I’ve recently started selling prints of my photographs on etsy.com. (If you don’t know etsy, check it out, amazing marketplace of handmade items)

This is the first time I’ve sold my photographs, and it’s hard work, and very up and down emotionally.

Up, when I sell something, Up even more when customers tell my how they connect to my photograph. Up when I get compliments in the forums (I’m a sucker for it…)

Down when its days or weeks between sales, down when you put your treasured work out and no one seems interested, down when I feel like I’m talking and talking and no one’s listening.

No sales this weekend (**sigh**) but some recognition, and I’m grateful and excited.

First, kankalinhats, put one of my personal favorites in this black, white and yellow treasury

Treasuries are collections of favorites put together by other etsians (members of the etsy community). There's a limit on the number of spots, so when they're coming up, it's a bit of a free-for-all trying to snag one.

And if you're in one, there's a little gold star by the treasury listing. It's an awful lot like being back in elementary school, getting a sticker for doing good work. A little thrill. (Little voice in my head: 'you like me, you really like me...')

The photo is “Old School”, one of the vintage camera images I blogged about in my first post.

And then last night, BonghiNatura, put one of my featured images in this bright colorful treasury

Let me say, I have no interest in cars. I drive a 10 yr old, beige, slightly beat-up Mazda Protégé that’s so non-descript I periodically walk to the wrong car in the mall parking lot.

But, I love the care and quality design that went into vintage machines of all types. This particular image is a vintage fire engine from a local parade: it was a great firey red with lovely lines.


I didn't snag a treasury (ok, I didn't try this time, I was too busy setting up a blog, updating flickr, adding new photographs, haunting the forums ... and oh, yeah, taking some time for life outside of etsy)

But, I get so excited by those little gold stars, I wanted to share the love:

Here's one of my own favorites from kankalinhats shop


This shop is full of beautiful, whimsical hats. This one is called shy violet, and I love the swirling shapes and the translucent colors


Some wonderful looking soap from Bonghi Natura’s Shop

It's cappucino - and I love coffees! And it looks beautiful, and sounds amazing with espresso beans and brown sugar and a layer of vanilla!


The Nature Nut said...

I can really sympathize with the ups & downs of Etsy. My daughter and I were discussing that just the other day. Making a sale on Etsy is the best mood lifter I know!

I love your photography!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for mentioning me! It was a joy to find your lovely photograph. Well tagged too!
take care best of luck on etsy

thebutterflypeople said...

I agree with the ups and downs, when I first joined I didnt have what some beginners have with people looking and looking and not buying, I had beginners luck like crazy and sold lots and lots of things, since then (January), it has slowed down quite a bit, but thats alright.
Thanks for commenting on my blog, its a pleasure to read what you have to say (in other posts as well) and admire your artistic vision on photography and on the world. Keep making stuff, im really glad to have found you here!

Anonymous said...

I love the car photo - not much of a car person, but the color and line of this is excellent! Welcome to Etsy, too! I hope you enjoy being on there and part of the community. Selling can sure have its ups and downs, but its so worth it. GOod luck!