Sunday, April 27, 2008

The results are in...

For the past week, I've been asking Etsians which of my photographs they like best. I closed the voting late last night and tallied the results this morning.

((Drumroll please..............)

1st Footprints


2nd Place Reflections Series



Reflection 3


3rd Place: Twirling


4th Place Tulips


Tied for 5th Place


One of the reasons I did this was to get a sense of what type of photograph people on Etsy liked. Color or black and white? Macro or wide angle? Traditional or modern? Representational or Abstract?

The answer I got? Yes.

Apparently Etsy likes a little of everything, we have a black and white coastal landscape (and a color coastal landscape) an abstract series, a geometric primary colored composition, a floral & a macro shot of a vintage camera with a vaguely steam-punk feel.

I'm still trying to figure out what I learned from this, I was hoping for guidance in what to focus my promotion on.

My 'take-away', I suppose is that on etsy, I can try just about anything.


Anonymous said...

Tough choice I love all the pics!
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Jen said...

I love misty morning- so beautiful. good luck!

Parallax Photo said...

thank you both!