Saturday, November 1, 2008

Now that's a good flower pic! (Flickr Fave's)

Prickly, originally uploaded by PhantomWard.

The letter of the day is F -- A Flickr Favorite of a Flower...

Flickr is full of pictures of pretty flowers, groups and groups full in fact. But, pretty as flowers are, the pic's start to look a little boring and a lot familiar after a page or two.

Unless, that is, your flower pic. is cool lime green and fuchsia close up with great detail. This one is definitely not boring!


Devin said...

This is a amazing Photo.You are very talented:0)

Parallax Photo said...

well thanks, but I can't take any credit, I'm just showing off some flickr favorites

The Milkshake said...

Hello, I am visiting from etsy. :o)
That is a very cool picture I love the color!

Have a great day!