Thursday, November 20, 2008

A sad conclusion: There are more artistic photographs of onions, on flickr, than books. By a long shot.

I'm a bookworm, so I decided to go book-hunting on flickr, which is when I learned that although flickr has many many photos tagged with "book" and even a 5000-item group pool - the vast majority fall into two categories: "the cover of my favorite/newest/would-take-it-to-exile-on-a-desert-island books" or "look at my huge/crazy/messy/just-organized bookshelf" which are interesting as far as they go (I love book recommendations, have shelves of my own that could use a brilliant organizational idea and even picked up a tip I might use for displaying favorite books), they're not exactly compelling pieces of photographic art.

After much digging (well, clicking and scrolling...) I found some examples worth the hunt.

"White Books" by Vicki's_Pics

No 16. by _cassia's_

Home Memories by Mamluke


Michelle said...

I like that first one!

Randi said...

Your blog is great!Love it!