Thursday, May 22, 2008


I work on a college campus, and school is ending, seniors are graduating and summer vacation is in the air. And so, what could be more appropriate than a beach photo?

rippled sand and ocean water at cape cod beach

This is one of my favorite Cape Cod beaches, its long and flat, so a low tide you can walk and walk before you get to the waters edge. And at high tide, there are so many sand bars the water stays waist deep for ages.

As a kid (ok, still) I was completely fascinated by the ripples left in the sand as the tide goes out. I still don't understand how the water can shape them that way, but I think they look pretty cool. I love how the water and the last bit of light highlights the pattern in this photo


Smashgirl said...

Beautiful shot, and fun to see an east coast beach. Our beaches don't have any ripples, they look so cool!

RainbowMom said...

Amazing picture! I love the beach. :) We'll have to make it out that way sometime. :) It's on my list.