Friday, May 16, 2008

Front Page!

Yesterday, I was excited to see one of my photographs Golden was in a Treasury West.

bright gold yellow fall leaves blue sky

Treasury West doesn't get seen as much attention, but still, love the recognition. And Begurple, the curator, used really beautiful blues and golds.

But then, this aftenoon, I log onto etsy and there it is on the front page!

The front page is changing faster now, so I'm glad I got to see it while it was up. Nice way to end the work week.

Anyways, the Etsian responsible for this lovely collection is Begurple

I'd seen Begurple around the forums, but never really looked through her shop, too bad, I really like it.

A couple favorites...

This fascinator is one of her featured items -- I love the exuberance paired with the natural/woodsy colors. Frankly, I could never carry this off myself (although I would love to see someone else do it!) But, never fear, she uses the same flower technique for other items.

She's got a great touch with colors, but I love black and white I think it would look so cute as a brooch on your favorite black jacket or coat. (But you can wear it lots of other ways too)

While I was browsing brooches, I found these sweet little felt flowers too. (And these ones in purple, white and green honor International Women's Day)

And, one last thing, I couldn't leave out -- a line of cards that look like fancy handbags. This one is a clutch in this pretty Tiffany-blue damask pattern.


tattytiara said...

Well done - that is a marvelously vibrant photo.

Kilkennycat said...

Congrats on getting on the front page! Your photo is actually the first item I focused on when I saw that front page today. =D Absolutely beautiful photograph!

Parallax Photo said...

thank you both!

Beat Black said...

front page! highest views on that picture too. congrats!

Hyla Waldron said...

That was a beautiful treasury! I took notice!


Rosalie said...

That's awesome -- not only were you ON the front page -- but you actually KNEW about it! Congrats!

Leslie said...

brilliant! love it. great photograph. its so bright it just pops.