Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I've had a turbulent, way up, way down sort of week. And today was mostly a "way down" sort of day, but it got a nice little boost tonight. When I found out my photographs were featured in two treasuries on etsy.

Here's the first one: Orange and Brown Delights

ModSquad featured my photograph, Reflections 1

abstract fall leaves water reflection

ModSquad is a vintage seller, lots of neat stuff (I love antique and vintage), but I'm partial to these two simple polka dot scarves

Nothing fancy, just pretty patterns in red and navy on white, very classic.


The second one is in Treasury West : The Birds, the Bs...and Goldfish!

bright color flip flop sandal

Piedras featured my photograph Summer

Piedras is a jewlery seller, with a really interesting selection. But, these earrings caught my attention.

For one thing, I love pearls, they're always so elegant. And, this display on the flower, is just beautiful, a lovely color to set them off.


Waterrose said...

Your blog is lovely and your creations are awesome!

industrialpoppy said...

It really is a pick-me-up to learn that you have been featured in someone's treasury, isn't it!

Jewells (Vickie) said...

Your blog is very nice. I have added you to my blog.

Anonymous said...

beautiful blog a feast for the eye I'm adding your link.