Sunday, June 28, 2009

Garlic Scapes

minimalist photo garlic scape vegetable

Garlic Scape by Parallax

Every week I get amazing vegetables from a local farm -- and this week, my share include these wonderful green curlicues (aka garlic scapes). I couldn't resist photographing them

Garlic Scapes, originally uploaded by parallax_photo.


Jesse Dornan said...

Fabulous Photograph! I enjoy the heck out of gardening!

First Light Glass said...

Wow! Beautiful!

Bri said...

That looks good enough to eat!!

Audrey said...

What a cool picture!! But what do you do with them? The garlic greens I mean.

Parallax said...

Thanks everyone!

Bri - they definitely are

Audrey - I mostly mix them with other veggie dishes for a light garlic-y flavor, but if I get enough of them to do it, I've found a lot of recipes for a pesto that looks delicious