Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ok, so now the red

I found some red I love, it's just after the orange...

Who cares about rainbow order

(Well, me, but for now I'll deal)

First, another close up of a tulip petal...photograph macro bright red flower

Red by Linda Scannell

And then I flipped through lots of red berries, red brick, red lava lamps, red cars to bring you ... (drumroll please)

... another red flower macro.

photograph bright red flower

This one from ISPhoto

So, todays' post, not exactly diverse, but they are beautiful. I love the bold, glowing red -- with a very simple, minimal composition.


Anonymous said...

Red is my favorite color and these are beautiful.

Piggy said...

Red is one my favorite colors! Especially when it's with Black! :D I got a red Sofa at home.. Stunning & Bright!